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077.1-Online: Hematology in the Oncology Patient


Contact Hours (Points): 7

This updated course covers the often confusing changes seen in cancer patients’ blood pictures as a result of the disease itself, treatment, and recovery. It includes 65 peripheral blood images. Twenty case studies including instrument-generated scatterplots and histograms help exemplify these changes. Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to correlate oncology patient blood pictures with the disease process and treatments. Furthermore, the participant will be able to characterize the basic nature of malignant cell growth and the terminology used. The exam to this course had new questions added as part of its 2014 update.

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Product Description

Hematology in the Oncology Patient

Self-Study 077.1 – Intermediate Level

Contact Hours (Points): 7

Written by Barbara J. Helbert BS, MT(ASCP) and Lynn Maedel MS, MLS(ASCP)CMSHCM

Written 2000, Updated 2014 (Exam is NEW).

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Desktop or Laptop Computer – Download the latest Adobe Reader program.

Kindle Fire – No additional App download is necessary.

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Here’s what satisfied customers have to say~

“Although I have been working over twenty years in a small Lab,identification of abnormal cell types due to chemotherapy has been difficult. This exposure has broadened my scope to identify and understand the cellular changes due to chemo treatment. A new confidence has been acquired.A great learning tool.
Excellent presentation of data/facts and terrific slides to support the information outlined.”
~Cheryl C.

“The knowledge learned in this course has already impacted my confidence in scanning slides from patients receiving treatment that come through our Emergency department. ie the increase in Monocytes seen on the differentials of these patients was something I was not aware of before. Overall my understanding has increased greatly. Thank you!“
~Sonja A.

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