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113-Online: Hire the Best, Inspire the Rest (Recruitment, Interviewing, and Evaluation of Laboratory Personnel)


Contact Hours (Points): 5

One of the more difficult aspects of management involves the hiring and evaluating of personnel, as the manager must make decisions that are neither black nor white. This course assists the new manager and reinforces the experienced manager in the hiring and evaluating of personnel through techniques and information associated with position descriptions, interviewing skills and performance appraisal.

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Hire the Best, Inspire the Rest (Recruitment, Interviewing, and Evaluation of Laboratory Personnel)

Self-Study 113 – Basic Level

Contact Hours (Points): 5

Written by Jean Holter EdD, MT(ASCP), CLS(NCA)

Published 2003. Reviewed 2010.

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Here’s what satisfied customers have to say~

“It was very helpful. I feel that I can be much more confident in what I am looking for when interviewing now.”
~Kip S.

“This will definitely come in handy since I have just taken on a supervisor position
and will be referring back to this course.“
~Maria M.

“A very nice course. Good look into management’s view of employees
and nice review for those looking for a new job..“
~Terry O.

“Quite enjoyed this course.“
~Shaunna S.



Purpose, Position/Job Analysis, Analyzing the Tasks, Other Information from a Task Analysis, Choosing a Position/Job Analyst, Sections of Position Descriptions, Approval, Update, Criterion-Based Job Description,, Uses of the Position Description, Writing a Position/Job Description, Difficulties, Example Position/Job Description


Introduction, Importance of the Interview, Recruitment, Recruiting and Retaining Laboratory Professionals, Turnover of Staff, Finding Applicants, Costs Associated with Turnover, Role of Human Resources, Application Form, Review of Completed Application or Resume, The Interview, 504 Rehabilitation and Handicap Law of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, Affirmative Action, Immigration Status, Sample Questions, Ineffective Interview Techniques, Behavioral Based Questions


Purpose and Use, Definition, Types of Performance Evaluations, Frequency of Evaluation, Process, Outcomes, Preparation for the Evaluation Process, Evaluators, Preparation for the Evaluation Session, Problems Associated with Evaluations, Evaluation Errors, Performance Evaluation Meeting, Methods for the Performance Evaluation Meeting, Communication Skills Needed, Close the Meeting, Feedback, Mentoring, Selection or Design of Performance Appraisal, Performance Evaluation in the Content of Performance Management, Designing Performance Evaluations/Appraisals, Ranking, Categories for Performance, Problems in Ratings, Reasons for Dismissal, Termination Procedure, Dos and Donts for the Manager

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