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129-Exam Only Online: Microbiology Mystery Theater: WHODUNIT? (A Play in Four Acts)


Contact Hours (Points): 12

This voice-enhanced CD-ROM program (CD-ROM format – Microsoft Powerpoint – PC Compatible / Mac Compatible using Powerpoint Reader for System 9 version) highlights 80 presentations (case studies) from 16 years of CACMLE Microbiology Teleconferences. A theater format is used to divide the cases into 4 acts:

~Act 1 – Gram-Positive Cocci

~Act 2 – Gram-Positive Bacilli including Acid Fast

~Act 3 – Gram-Negative Bacilli including Enterobacteriaceae, Non-fermenters and Misc. fastidious microbes

~Act 4 – Anaerobes, Fungi and Parasites

Each case provides guidelines for organism identification and clinical correlation with summary voice overlays. This course may be used for CE credit, for competency evaluation, and may provide supplementary teaching material for lecture and group discussions. CE examinations for each act may be purchased separately. Three (3) contact hours (points) may be obtained for each act or twelve (12) contact hours (points) for the entire play.

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Product Description

Microbiology Mystery Theater: WHODUNIT? (A Play in Four Acts)

Self-Study 129 – Intermediate Level

Contact Hours (Points): 12

Written by Elmer W. Koneman, MD and Christie Grueser, MSS, MT(ASCP)

Published 2005, Reviewed 2010.

Exam Only Price USD [Must have access to CACMLE study materials.] 129Ea5: Additional Exam Purchased/Taken Online (Composite exam – covers entire course.): .$45.00 BUY NOW

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