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143.1-Online: Urinalysis – Procedures and Correlations, 2nd Edition


Contact Hours (Points): 15

This self-study course in urinalysis was designed to provide participants with an overview of anatomy and physiology of the kidney, as well as specimen collection and preservation. Macroscopic urinalysis will be discussed, including comparison of chemical testing methods, backup testing, interfering substances and discrepancies. Microscopic urinalysis will include cells, casts, crystals, staining methods, and unusual findings. The role of urinalysis in differentiation of disease states and quality assurance in the urinalysis laboratory are also explored.

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Urinalysis: Procedures and Correlations, 2nd Edition

Self-Study 143.1 – Basic Level

Contact Hours (Points): 15

Written by Linda J. McCown, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM

Portions of this course was originally written by Malva Waters, MS, MT(ASCP) and Marji Rapp, MT(ASCP). Published 2007. Revised 2015.

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“Knowing kidneys anatomy and functioning was very advance for a CLS.
The tests and reasons for them was very good. I relearned a lot and learned new too!”
~Deborah K.

“I thought this course was very well written. There was excellent use of different media…diagrams, photos, graphs, etc, interspersed with text. …I have recommended this site to many of my co-workers…Thank you.“
~Kerri A.

“It is excellent and very well organized and presented.“
~Pedro C.



Macroscopic Anatomy; Microscopic Anatomy; Nephron Function; Urine Concentration Mechanisms; The Countercurrent Mechanism; OTHER KIDNEY FUNCTIONS: Acid-Base Balance; Electrolytes; Hormones; SPECIMEN COLLECTION: Specimen Types; Specimen Collection Techniques; SPECIMEN PRESERVATION: Criteria for Specimen Rejection; PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Color; Clarity; Odor; Urine Concentration and Dilution; Urine Volume; CHEMISTRY/REAGENT STRIPS: Procedure; pH; Protein; Glucose; Ketones; Blood; Bilirubin; Urobilinogen; Nitrite; Leukocytes; Specific Gravity ; Ascorbic Acid; CONFIRMATORY TESTING: Protein; Ketones; Blood; Bilirubin; Urobilinogen; Nitrite; Leukocytes; Clinitest


Urinary Sediment; Procedure; Sediment Preparation and Examination; Brightfield Microscopy; Polarized Microscopy; Phase Contrast Microscopy; Interference Contrast Microscopy; Cytocentrifugation and Pap Stain; STAINING OF URINARY SEDIMENT: Automated Microscopic Analysis; FORMED ELEMENTS: Epithelial Cells; Blood Cells; Casts; Crystals; Other Formed Elements; Contaminants; QUALITY ASSURANCE: Historical; Procedure Manual; Reference Controls; Proficiency Testing; Competency Testing; Quality Assurance Parameters for Urinalysis; Specimen Collection; Reagents and Stains; Chemical and Confirmatory Tests; Microscopic Examination; Equipment and Glassware; Record Keeping; Acceptance Limits


Glomerular Filtration Rate; Measurement of Clearance; Creatinine Clearance; Procedure; Discussion; Inulin Clearance; GFR Estimation from Calculations Using the Serum Creatinine Level; Total Urine Protein; Albumin:Creatinine Ratio in Untimed Urines; Renal Plasma Flow; Plasma Non-protein Nitrogen Products; Urea Nitrogen (plasma); Creatinine (plasma); Plasma BUN/Creatinine Ratio; Cystatin C; Future urine analysis; THE URINE IN DISEASE: Nonrenal Diseases; Diagnosis of Kidney Disease; Glomerular Disorders; Acute Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis(APSGN); Oher Glomerular Disorders; Chronic Glomerulonephritis; Systemic Conditions Affecting the Kidneys; Nephrotic Syndrome; Tubular Disorders: Acute Tubular Necrosis ATN / Toxic Nephritis; Other Tubular Disorders; Tubulointerstitial Diseases and Urinary Tract Infections; Cystitis; Acute Pyelonephritis Chronic Pyelonephritis; Other Infections; Viral Infections; Acute Interstitial Nephritis; Acute Renal Failure; Chronic Kidney Disease; Metabolic Diseases; Other; Renal Transplantation

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