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149.1-Online: Cytospin Morphology – A Visual Tour of Body Fluids, 2nd Edition


Contact Hours (Points): 10

This revised and reformatted self-study is the third hematology morphology “Visual Tour” following Self-Study #107 and #147. The instructional atlas has over 300 images and provides the learner an opportunity to review and practice examining Wright-stained cytocentrifuged slide preparations of body fluids, including CSF, Serous, Synovial, BALs and Seminal Fluids. It includes a self-assessment module and case studies. The post-course exam can be taken for CE credit or for personal practice.

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Product Description

Cytospin Morphology – A Visual Tour of Body Fluids, 2nd Edition

Self-Study 149.1 – Basic to Intermediate Level

Contact Hours (Points): 10

Written by Jerelyn Walters, MT(ASCP)SH and Lynn Maedel, MS, MLS(ASCP)CMSHCM

Published 2009. Revised 2014

The images in this learning program are divided into modules from various body fluid sources shown in the main menu; but are also randomly accessible via the various sub menus. Comprehensive descriptions of each image are found by clicking on or selecting that image. Arrows appear pointing to particular cells or other morphology when selected using the check boxes.

Note the 5 little cameras on the left side of this screen. They indicate multiple images taken from a particular case. More is better! This program has tremendous potential by supplementing the body fluid component of various laboratory education curricula as well as serving as a refresher course for practicing laboratory practitioners. It is so much more than a collection of images; it includes detailed description and clinical correlations! Faculty, this is another “must have”. Heme supervisors; an excellent tool for competency assessment! Perfect for students, too.

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Please Note: This online course is NOT downloadable; and is accessible using the following: Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 and later (If you have problems while using IE 11, please try using Firefox, instead.) / Firefox 3.0 and later / Apple iPad 3.2 and later / Safari 3.0 and later / Google Android 1.6 and later / Google Chrome 5.0 and later.

Here’s what one satisfied customer says~

“After finishing this course, I felt that I will be more confident and certain now in describing and naming cells…”
~Xenia Bobis, CLS

“The course is a very helpful tool and a good refresher on cellular identification and morphology in body fluids.
I would recommend this course to CLS (and also students) with different levels of experience.”
~Rosalie F.

“I like the Don’t Be Fooled boxes to compare on the same screen.”
~Marilyn W.

“This course was extremely helpful. I now feel very comfortable evaluating body fluid cytospin slides. I highly reccommend this course.”
~Holly C.

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