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156-Online: Assessing Linearity


Contact Hours (Points): 7

This course with corresponding audio discusses the concept of linearity, the types of errors that causes a method to appear or be non-linear, the three ways to determine whether a method is linear, linearity defined, random versus systematic errors, and the three ways to assess linearity – visually, graphically, and statistically. In addition to the voice-overs, this course is supplemented with Excel sheets, as well as problem sets that reinforce the material.

NOTE: This course covers a topic that can be very difficult and challenging to the laboratory professional. Previous participants have called the exam to this course “difficult, but fair”. Your success in learning this course material is important to us. Before purchasing this course and/or exam, please consider your ability to commit the time necessary to successfully complete this course.

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Product Description

Assessing Linearity

Self-Study 156 – Basic to Intermediate Level

Contact Hours (Points): 7

Written by David Plaut

Published 2010.

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