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178.1-Online: Macroscopic Urinalysis – Section 2 of “Urinalysis – Procedures and Correlations, 2nd Edition”


Contact Hours (Points): 2

This self-study course in urinalysis was designed to provide participants with an overview of specimen collection and preservation. Macroscopic urinalysis will be discussed, including comparison of chemical testing methods, backup testing, interfering substances and discrepancies.

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Macroscopic Urinalysis – Section 2 of “Urinalysis: Procedures and Correlations, 2nd Edition”

Self-Study 178.1 – Basic Level

Contact Hours (Points): 2

Written by Linda J. McCown, PhD, MLS(ASCP)CM

Portions of this course was originally written by Malva Waters, MS, MT(ASCP) and Marji Rapp, MT(ASCP). Published 2007. Revised 2015.

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Here’s what satisfied customers have to say~

“I liked this course since there was good correlation of patient results with the theory..”
~Nancy F.

“I think this course is helpful in reminding us to correlate all of our findings and to use our “tech hats” to evaluate discrepancies.“
~Brittney W.

“This was a very informative course and I feel like I learned a lot about macroscopic urinalysis that can help me on a daily basis in the lab.“
~Carrie W.

“The case studies were a very effective tool with regards to applying the principles in the presentation to actual patient results/symptoms.“
~Gena M.

“This was an awesome read. A lot of information which was covered in a clear and concise way.“
~Laura M.

SPECIMEN COLLECTION: Specimen Types; Specimen Collection Techniques; SPECIMEN PRESERVATION: Criteria for Specimen Rejection; PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: Color; Clarity; Odor; Urine Concentration and Dilution; Urine Volume; CHEMISTRY/REAGENT STRIPS: Procedure; pH; Protein; Glucose; Ketones; Blood; Bilirubin; Urobilinogen; Nitrite; Leukocytes; Specific Gravity ; Ascorbic Acid; CONFIRMATORY TESTING: Protein; Ketones; Blood; Bilirubin; Urobilinogen; Nitrite; Leukocytes; Clinitest

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