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200-Online: Thrombotic Disorders and Coagulopathies of Pregnancy – Section 5 of “New Beginnings – Perinatal Laboratory Testing, 2nd Edition”


Contact Hours (Points): 1

This course was designed to give a comprehensive overview of perinatal laboratory testing for the thrombotic disorders and coagulopathies that can occur during pregnancy; providing the laboratorian with practical knowledge about relevant laboratory testing for the pregnant patient. Upon completion of the course participants will have the knowledge required to understand various coagulation studies used in pregnancy and what results can mean clinically for the fetus and mother.

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Thrombotic Disorders and Coagulopathies of Pregnancy – Section 5 of “New Beginnings: Perinatal Laboratory Testing, 2nd Edition”

Self-Study 200 – Basic to Intermediate Level

Contact Hours (Points): 1

Written by Darlynn J. Lafler MT(ASCP), CLS

Published 2005. Revised 2008. Updated 2014.

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Thrombotic Disorders; The Inherited Thrombophilias; Activated protein C resistance; Methylene-tetrahydrofolate Reductase; Prothrombin Mutation; Proteins S & C; Antithrombin (AT); The Acquired Thrombophilias; Antiphospholipid (APL) antibodies

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