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224-Online: Descriptive Statistics


Contact Hours (Points): 2

Even statistics that are useful can sometimes be misused. You must be careful when looking at someone else’s statistics and you must be careful that if you use a statistic it doesn’t leave you (and your readers) with a misunderstanding.

This module is devoted to discussing those statistics that describe a data set. It includes some statistics you will recall from 8th grade – the mean, the median and the mode, as well as the histogram. We will work with the ‘normal’ or Gaussian curve and some other statistics. Statistics will be used to describe one, single set of data – such as glucose or hemoglobin measurements at a health fair.

NOTE: This course covers a topic that can be very difficult and challenging to the laboratory professional. Previous participants have called the exam to this course “difficult, but fair”. Your success in learning this course material is important to us. Before purchasing this course and/or exam, please consider your ability to commit the time necessary to successfully complete this course.

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Product Description

Descriptive Statistics

Self-Study 224 – Basic Level

Contact Hours (Points): 2

Written by David Plaut

Published 2011.

At the end of the course you should be able to:

  • List three measures of the “middle.”
  • Sketch a box and whisker plot.
  • Sketch a Gaussian curve and label it with SDs
  • Sketch a histogram and label it
  • Identify a curve with kurtosis
  • Identify a skewed curve

Comparing statistics is discussed in CACMLE course # 221 – Method Validation and CACMLE course #156 – Assessing Linearity.

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