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244-Online: Vitamin D Testing


Contact Hours (Points): 2

This course will present an overview of vitamin D metabolism and the vitamin's biological roles in the human body with emphasis on testing methods to identify and quantify vitamin D deficiency status. The major vitamin D testing methods will be described and their performance characteristics compared for the ability to accurately and reliably assess vitamin D status. The goals of this course are to (1) present an overview of the metabolism of vitamin D in the body, (2) describe its biological roles, (3) understand the meaning of vitamin D deficiency, and (4) review the major testing methods used to assess vitamin D status.

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Product Description

Vitamin D Testing

Self-Study 244 – Basic – Intermediate Level

Contact Hours (Points): 2

Written by David J. Moffa, PhD, BCLD

Published 2013.

At the conclusion of the course the participant should be able to:

  • identify the biologically active forms of vitamin D in the body and their metabolic roles.
  • describe the daily dietary requirements and sources for vitamin D.
  • define and describe vitamin D deficiency and toxicity.
  • identify the body’s best indicator of vitamin D status and the health risks associated with various vitamin D serum levels.
  • describe the major testing methods for vitamin D, their performance characteristics and recent efforts to standardize vitamin D testing.
  • identify and describe the “gold standard” and “reference” methods for vitamin D testing.
  • describe testing or methodological issues or controversies in regards to vitamin D.
  • define the suggested “reference ranges” for serum vitamin D levels and describe their clinical significance and health risks.

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SECTION I: Overview of Vitamin D Chemistry and Metabolism in Humans
SECTION II: Vitamin D’s Role in the Body
SECTION III: Vitamin D Status – Ideal Blood Levels, Deficiency and Toxicity
SECTION IV: Vitamin D Testing
SECTION V: Summary of Vitamin D Test Methods

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