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256-Online: Biomarkers for Kidney Disease and Cardiac Disease (Cystatin-C – A Replacement for the Cr-eGFR)


Contact Hours (Points): 1.0

This course is Module 7 of a seven-module set on Biomarkers.

This module focuses on cystatin-C as a biomarker for kidney and cardiac disease Measuring the amount of cystatin-C in the blood has shown to be a more precise test of kidney and cardiac function than using the complicated creatinine-estimated glomerular filtration rate (Cr-eGFR) formula.

Objectives. At the conclusion of this course, the participant should be able to.

  1. Compare and contrast Creatinine and Cystatin-C as measures of estimated glomerular filtration.
  2. Sketch the effect of lower GFR on cardiac risks.
  3. Comment on the MRDR equation and the eGFR.
  4. List three additional causes of kidney failure in the US.

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Product Description

Biomarkers for Kidney Disease and Cardiac Disease (Cystatin-C – A Replacement for the Cr-eGFR)

Self-Study 256 – Basic Level

Contact Hours (Points): 1.0

Written by David Plaut and Deena Davis, MLS

Published 2013.

In an article published on September 5, 2013 in The New England Journal of Medicine, Michael G. Shlipak MD, MPH, et al concluded that, “The use of cystatin C alone or in combination with creatinine strengthens the association between the eGFR and the risks of death and end-stage renal disease across diverse populations.” [N Engl J Med 2013; 369:932-943]

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