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Product Description

List of available “WebCast on Demand” titles.

WebCast 250. Update in Diagnostic Medical Parasitology

WebCast 251. The Application of Technology and Molecular Methods to a Pediatric Institution

WebCast 252. Foodborne Illness – How PulseNet Has Changed Everything

WebCast 254. Laboratory Detection of Bacteremia and Fungemia

WebCast 255. Are you ready to say good-bye to the scotch tape for filamentous molds?

WebCast 256. ISO 15189 Will It Make Us Better or Crazier

WebCast 257. Update on Glucose Non-Fermenting Gram-Negative Bacilli

WebCast 258. Microbiology of Bone and Joint Infections

WebCast 259. Ask the Experts 1

WebCast 260. Building a Better Algorithm for Working-Up Nontuberculous Mycobacteria

WebCast 261. Full Laboratory Automation and Digital Microbiology in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

WebCast 262. Cost-effective Anaerobic Bacteriology – Using an Algorithm-based Approach

WebCast 264. Urine Is Not Sterile – Implications for the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

WebCast 265. Competency Assessment in the Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

WebCast 266. Post-Analytical Benefits of the Automated Clinical Microbiology Laboratory

WebCast 267. Coccidioides – Disease and Diagnosis

WebCast 268. You Want Me to Culture What? Challenging Requests for Culture in the Clinical Microbiology Lab

WebCast 269. Ask the Experts 2

WebCast BB03. Strategies for Identifying Antibodies in Patients with a Negative DAT

WebCast BCH02. Massive Transfusion – A Laboratory Perspective

WebCast G01. External Disasters – When Disaster Strikes-University of Colorado Hospital’s Response to the July 20, 2012 Aurora Shooting

WebCast G02. Internal Disasters – Four Examples of the Worse That Can Happen

WebCast G03. Individualized Quality Control Plan (IQCP) – A Pathway to Compliance in Less Than 2 Months

WebCast G04. Laboratory and Nursing Relationship Building – Are We Communicating Effectively?

WebCast H01. Body Fluids – A Hematology Perspective

WebCast H02. What Laboratory Professionals Need to Know About Blood-Borne Pathogens

WebCast H03. Blood Cell Morphology Reporting Simplified

WebCast H04. Peripheral Blood Smears in Hemoglobinopathies, Thalassemias, and Other Hemolytic Anemias

WebCast HC01. Clumsy Coag Communication – Let’s Blame the Lab!

WebCast MW01. User-Friendly Techniques to Identify Resistance Mechanisms in Gram-Negative Bacilli

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